evoᶾ sweet olive jam

evoᶾ sweet olive jam

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This product was an inspiration which became a reality after finding the right ingredients to the recipe.  Our idea was to blend local herbs and spices with olives to create a unique taste.  The result was this jam.

Made from organic green olives, the ingredients are mixed to bring pleasure with your first taste.  We blended these olives with orange, cloves, vanilla, lemon juice, and brown sugar, keeping it local and honest.  All ingredients are natural and there is no artificial preservatives.

We also wanted to keep production local, so we partnered up with the Women’s Cooperative of Parakila, on the island of Lesvos, to help us make this recipe on an industrial scale and bottle it.  Through this partnership, we are giving much needed employment to local women who may be financially vulnerable.

Due to its unique taste, there are many ways to use and pair this jam.  To name a few, it goes extremely well with Greek yogurt, vanilla ice cream, with cheese, or garnish it on roasted fish.  Or you can just eat it on plain toast for breakfast!